Your Music Mentality Can Kill You

My music mentality at times photo credit: Aura Noir via  photopin (license)
My music mentality at times

photo credit: Aura Noir via
photopin (license)

I believe the music you listen to can cause a change, even if you don’t believe it.

I’ve found this out the hard way on my long commutes from my current real-life job to my sad life home.

I used to listen to nothing but metal (black, doom, heavy, light, ambient, etc.) and other music that would set the tune and mood I felt – I’ll give you a guess on what each of these would lead to (you’d know it already if you’ve read my feelings post).

I’d slip into a funk I didn’t understand, and I let this dictate what I felt and how I’d go through my day.

If I had a good doom session, I would feel depressed and have a weight on my shoulders.

If I had a good black session, I would spew hate and anger at the world and at myself.

If I had a good techno moment, I’d get out and dance until I broke things – which, in a factory of glass, is a bad thing.

I didn’t understand I allowed my feelings to be hijacked until I started listening to podcasts over the last five months. [Read more…]

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Why Money is the Root of My Demotivation

Money is my Demotivator...For some reasonphoto credit: Mexican paper money - macros via photopin (license)
Money is my Demotivator…For some reason
photo credit: Mexican paper money – macros via photopin (license)

Money destroys my writing drive, and I won’t accept payment for my work at this point.

This seems like a drastic measure for someone who writes, wouldn’t you agree?

After some more exploitation of my internal workings and machinations, I have boiled down my moments of quitting and leaving the writing world to one thing: [Read more…]

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Weight Experiment: My Struggle with Self-Acceptance

I’ve been going through a lot of changes over the last few months, and I believe it is time to boil down one of the biggest changes on my list: Getting back down to not quite as obese.

After starting an old job, restarting the blog, and getting close to leaving the area I’m living in, I have lost at least 25 pounds by the time I’m writing this (but it could be more depending on how I do in the future when you read this post).

“But Matt,” you say, “You ams no good eatarz! You ams drunkard and what make bad choizes!”

True, but there is more to it than that. I believe my gains and losses can be attributed to one thing: The status of my mind. [Read more…]

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