Excel can’t solve everything, but it can make things a lot better.

For someone who loves Excel, the previous statement makes them cringe. It’s like telling the project planner that MS Project can’t solve everything.

“But there’s a chart for that!”

I know; it is tough to accept, but you can use Excel for some good projects and make some progress on your efforts. This is what I was thinking when I came up with my Writing Chart excel sheet for my writing progress.

Yes, my Pareto chart has brought me into the work ethics of writing, but it doesn’t contain a log for my numbers. I can’t see how close I am to my projected needs.

The concept on this sheet is to hit the 500 word mark for maximum effect. I borrowed this idea from other writers who claim to be proficient with the 1000 words a day, and took a piece from Chris Guillebeau’s blog post┬áregarding what one can do if they write at least 1000 words a day and what it projects out to (A manuscript, some blog posts, some guest blog posts, etc.), even half of that can be pretty amazing.

While I recover from the idea of writing for others (please refer to my Money post from earlier), there is something to be said about being productive and applying myself to a cause.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what exactly we have on tap with this sheet.Continue reading

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It is time for me to become a father.

I’ll give a moment for my friends and followers to pick up their jaws and shake their head in dismay.

“But Matt, you are a horrible drunkard and a terrible person. What makes you father material? I feel so sorry for this child.”

No, I am not having a child.

No, I am not adopting a child.

I am, however, treating my inner child as an adopted son.

You see; it’s time for me to become the father I never had.Continue reading

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Hope Marketing

Look, it’s how I look when someone’s trying to push false hope on me!

Hope is a drug.

It isn’t something you find on the street from your local dealer. You don’t have to boil the components in a crappy trailer in the middle of the desert, and you might not get burned physically by hope.

But you can get burned mentally.

Am I a lost cause on this hopeless rock sailing through the void?

Perhaps, but after you read the following, you might just discover you are a Hope Junkie.


If you want true evidence on how Hope is a drug, look no further than your closest and dearest social media stream.

I dare you to post something real one time.

Not with puppies or kittens, not with the best meme available, not with your favorite sport team sporting it up.

Real emotion. Something you feel discouraged about, that you feel overwhelmed with.

Watch your associates swarm to you with the infectious hope drug.

They’ll tell you whatever they believe you want to hear because you’re being real. It shatters their hope filled view of their world.

As long as my friends on Facebook are cool, my life has meaning.

You think they are doing it to help, but you didn’t ask for help. Unless you specifically requested for assistance, they are merely helping you to make themselves feel better.Continue reading

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I lost a friend today.

Actually, we lost him two days ago as of this writing, and it has totally taken the wind out of my sails for writing and doing anything creative.

This is the wall we hit when we are creative.

Life changes, and it shakes up our regulated world of perfection and desire. It stymies us, makes us frustrated, and leaves us as a husk of our former selves.

Yes, everything is fine, but in reality – you are not the same.

I can hear you now. “I haven’t changed. You changed. I am always the same no matter what happens.”

I believe it is time to capture the Zen of Mortality in Creativity.Continue reading

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Ah yes, the terrible Internet Marketer snake-oil salesman

Ah yes, the terrible Internet Marketer snake-oil salesman

Are you sick and tired of having popular people rip you off of your precious $197?

Thousands of people just like you fall for the biggest “trick” every Internet Marketer uses as a weapon, and as a reaction, they steal your hard-earned money to add to their poisonous coffers.

Unless you can throw away money(and let’s be honest, few of us are these days), you often find yourself on the fence regarding these “too real to be true” offers.

What if I told you these people don’t actually have any better information than what you have? What if I told you these Marketers are only spinning their ideas, the same ideas that are in your head?

How not to get ripped off by Internet Marketers

Continue reading

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