Flash Fiction Friday: Threes

Have you ever been in a situation where wicked temptation puts your life and the lives of others on the line? What about having to roll to win back your property? This is the challenge Glanor the Younger must encounter as he challenges his powerful lover to win back his spell book.

Also Subbed for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: The Return of the Opening Line Contest. This should get very interesting indeed!

Flash Fiction Friday: Threes

Glanor the Younger chided himself to never play dice with someone who thought they were a vampire. “You know, Sierra, this isn’t fair to your brother.”

Sierra smiled and wiped her mouth. “Why don’t you let my brother worry about his desire to smash a gorgon over the head with his club and get to rolling instead?”

“He needs me by his side,” Glanor replied.

“And I need some entertainment.” She leaned forward and smiled, letting him look down her loosely buttoned blouse. “You simply must make up for cutting our playtime short last time.”

He stopped shaking the dice and sighed. “I am a mage, I need—”

“You need to please me.” She gave him a playful frown and pulled a key from under her blouse that was attached to a chain around her neck. “Are you telling me you don’t want to please me?”

“Would you just give me the key so I can—?”

“You’re breaking my heart, Glani.” She tucked the key under the blouse and leaned back with a lazy cat stretch. “You’ll never win my body with that attitude.”

“I’m not trying to win your body,” Glanor knew he would regret saying that, but his frustration was at an all-time high. “I just want the damned key.”

She gasped and placed her hand on her chest, clutching the key almost as though she were having a heart attack. Her eyelids fluttered and she waivered from left to right before correcting herself and displaying a wicked grin. “Would you just roll? We’ve already wasted a Twenty Candle.”

He sighed, shook his head, and threw the dice on the table. They clattered around, matching the beating of his heart and the grinding of his teeth.

He heard her coo and clap her hands together as she unstrapped her boots and tossed them aside. She flashed him a grin and winked. “Would you look at that? You won.”

“We’re playing threes, right?”

She stared at him as though he might be insane. “Yes, of course.”

He pointed at the dice. “Do you see any threes there?”

“Do you want your key?”

He rubbed his temples and nodded. “Yes, I want my key.”

“Good, then you’re a winner.” She chewed on her lip and tugged on her blouse. “Make with the rolling, lover boy. By my judgment, you’ve already wasted another Tenth Candle by complaining.”


She scooped up the dice and placed them in his hands. She patted his hand and nodded. “Roll.”

He sighed, knowing better than to challenge her when she was like this. He cracked his neck, closed his eyes, and tossed the dice once more. He didn’t need to look at them since he figured the game was rigged already.

“Look at that, you’re a winner again,” she said. He opened one eye to see that she had unbuttoned her blouse, but left it on as a way of teasing him. She scooped up the dice and placed them in his hands one more time before she placed her hands on her trousers. “I’m beginning to think you’re a cheater, Glani.”

He closed his eye and shook his hand, knowing where this would go if he rolled again. He needed his strength and concentration, but she was more concerned about her carnal appetite. He needed his spell book if he was going to be of any assistance to his friend. He knew he was going to regret saying it, but he had to cut down the time. “Can we just stop this nonsense? I need my spell book.”

She whimpered and wrapped her hands around his, forcing him to shake the dice in an erotic way. “But where’s the fun in that?”

Heavy footsteps climbed up the steps outside the room. Glanor’s eyes opened wide and he glanced over his shoulder toward the door. “Your brother is here, we need—”

“My brother can wait.” She grabbed his chin, turned his head around, and brushed her lips against his. “This is my room, and these are my rules. Even my brother must—”

The door slammed open and the giant of a man stepped inside. He was all muscle and smiles. He gave a hearty laugh, grabbed Glanor by the shoulder, and shook him. “There you are, little buddy!”

Glanor’s lover gasped, leaned back, and covered her half nakedness with a handy blanket “Farel, this is my room and I make the rules.”

“Silence, Sierra.” Farel scooped Glanor out of the chair and tossed him over his shoulder. He turned until Glanor stared at her helplessly. “Your temptress ways have no control over my best friend here.”

Sierra pouted and crossed her arms over the blanket. “I wasn’t going to bite him much, if that’s what you were worried about.”

“Give Glanor his key and we’ll be off to adventure.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

Farel turned so fast that it made Glanor’s stomach lurch. It was a good thing he was too distracted by Sierra to remember to eat anything. Farel’s ire grew as he spoke. “Do you want to take as sun bath again?”

She swatted his question away like a harmless fly. “You know the sun doesn’t kill me.”

“No, but it does make it harder for you to ply your charm. You’ll be an ugly husk of a woman, begging street urchins for a drop of blood instead of living the life of a princess.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Keep the key and find out.”

Sierra screamed in frustration. She grabbed the key and yanked it from her neck before she tossed it at Farel. “He better come back to me in one piece. He’s mine, you know.”

“He’s our friend, Sierra, not a piece of property.” Farel walked to the chest, smashed it open instead of unlocking it with the key, grabbed the book, and then looked at Glanor. “Come, we have adventures to discover!”

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